Kind Words from Our Clients

"Great shopping experience. 

Absolutely gorgeous and unique dresses.  They took me for an appointment on VERY short notice on a holiday no less! The lady Laura probably had to drive up to the store just for me and closed the store once we were inside.  Very nice woman, experienced. 

A note to all the younger brides who may be a little stubborn with your choices if you don't have a supermodels body - please listen carefully to Laura's advice - do not take anything as insulting or pushy, she KNOWS what she's talking about and she is confident about that - she's quick to scan your body and determine, like an airport security scanner, what your body type is.  She carefully but quickly chose wonderful dresses that were constructed to flatter my body type, in styles that I asked for.  Plus she also suggested other unique choices, and they were also beautiful.  I was able to make wiser decisions from what she showed me.  

I know it can be frustrating but a woman showing you a dress must be able to see what will work on you and suggest from there.   She will ask you first what you want but she is choosing within the parameters of the kind of cut she feels will work for you. Not the other way around - wrong way girls.  Body type first.  It also makes for a less disappointing visit.  

Really nice place in Inglewood."

Lisa B

"I'm not sure why I didn't consider a used dress when I bought mine (affaid to not find anything I bet) but having been here now I wish I had stopped in before saying yes to the dress as they had two sizes in the dress I did wear.

The store is really pretty inside and Danita seems to know what she's doing and is helpful.   There is a very large selection and from what I can tell the dresses are about half of what they were new and there seem to be a bunch that are actually still new and maybe recently discontinued.   They are all dry cleaned (that's like $200 - $400 savings ladies if you're thinking of buying from kijiji), mint condition and under 2 years old.  All of them really seem to be highend names / designer labels because I'm not sure consigning a $500 one is even worth it for a bride. The selection was wide including specialty and plus size.  Obviously that changes but it's not just a sample sale in size 6 if you know what I mean. 

This store is by appointment and there is only room for one bride-to-be which means undivided attention (something that I didn't always find shopping new).   

Although I hope I never need to buy another wedding dress,  I do think this is a must stop for brides looking for the best but wanting to rein in some of the expenses.

Cory B